New sum in Penn State companionship death

Eight Penn State University companionship members are due in justice Tuesday in tie with the death of a tyro pledge. Nineteen-year-old Timothy Piazza died in Feb after descending down the stairs.

A grand jury report pronounced the tumble came during a companionship hazing protocol involving complicated drinking. He mistreat his control and ruptured his spleen.

Prosecutors contend companionship members waited about 12 hours before job an ambulance. The members are also accused of trying to cover up the incident.

Eighteen members of Beta Theta Pi face charges trimming from hazing to aggravated assault, reports CBS News match Jericka Duncan.

The fraternity’s inhabitant classification disbanded the chapter, observant it does not endure hazing or ethanol abuse in any form — a view the university boss echoed.

“How could a organisation of people who have committed themselves to any other let something like that happen?” pronounced Penn State University President Eric Barron.

Barron describes the grand jury report on the occurrence surrounding the death of Piazza as sickening.

According to the report, Piazza arrived at the frat residence on Feb 2. There, he and 13 other pledges took partial in “the gauntlet” — a arrange of ethanol barrier march — where “the pledges consumed approximately 4 to 5 alcoholic beverages varying from beer, booze and wine — all within a two-minute time span.”

An hour later, the report says Piazza fell down a moody of stairs. Surveillance video inside the frat residence apparently shows him carried up by 4 Beta brothers.

His “body appears limp, his eyes sealed and his appearance unconscious.”

Piazza falls several some-more times via the night — attack his control in some instances. While on the floor, frat brothers step over his body.

By 10 a.m. the next morning, two frat brothers found Piazza on the groundwork floor. They contend he was cold to the hold and his skin seemed pale. No one called 911 until 42 mins later.

“We have a crony who’s, uh, unconscious… he’s… hasn’t moved… substantially going to need an ambulance,” the 911 tourist said.  

“OK, how old is he?” the user asked.

“He is 19? Nineteen years old,” the tourist responded.  

The next day Piazza was dead.

His father called this a preventable and meaningless tragedy. “Again, this did not have to happen. No primogenitor should have to understanding with this,” Jim Piazza said.

A grand jury dynamic Piazza “died as a approach outcome of the intensely forward control of members of the Beta fraternity.”

The report also says the review shows “an active try to disguise and/or destroy evidence” by some frat members.

“The miss of humanity, the miss of caring, the miss of grace of the immature men who did so much mistreat here is unthinkable,” pronounced profession Tom Kline, who represents the Piazza family.

Since the recover of the grand jury report the university has now launched its own investigation, which the university boss says could very good lead to expulsions. 

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