NYPD’s "huggable" Smart cars accept flood of attention

Most police cars only spin heads when their sirens are blaring, but the New York Police Department’s newest cruisers are getting a flood of courtesy of a totally opposite kind – and it doesn’t even have a siren.

The Smart automobile is dictated for one officer only, and it’s one of scarcely 200 the NYPD uses mostly for sheet essay and patrolling places other cars can’t – like the slight paths in Central Park.
“I fun with them, you know? we make them laugh. we tell them to come see the car. Tell them to demeanour inside. ‘It’s not as bad as you think,’ we tell them,” NYPD officer Odani Acevedo said.
Unlike the three-wheel scooter it’s replacing, the Smart automobile comes with air conditioning and airbags. It also costs about $6,000 less. 


NYPD three-wheel scooter vs. Smart car

“When you went to the authority staff and said, ‘I wish to supplement Smart cars,’ what did they say?” CBS News match Kris Van Cleave asked.

“They pronounced no,” NYPD emissary commissioner Robert Martinez said. “They pronounced the automobile looks wimpy.”
But Martinez didn’t see wimpy at all. He spent years trying to get this partisan into uniform.
“I would call it friendly. we would call it area friendly,” Martinez said. “It’s disarming. It’s kissable and huggable.”
The cuddly cruiser is proof to be a hit, and the open can’t seem to get enough. From tiny and strong to the world’s cutest police car, the pictures are generating social media buzz. It creates a park full of strangers proceed a police automobile and the officer like they’re old friends.

“You’re the core of courtesy out here. What’s that like? You’ve got kids coming up, parents, people holding pictures,” Van Cleave said.

“Yeah. It feels good. You know, a lot of people come up to me and ask for pictures, and it’s always a good feeling,” Acevedo said.

Officers in Smart cars do not respond to emergency calls and aren’t ostensible to surpass 40 mph, but the dialect is anticipating they are a very effective apparatus in such a swarming city. 

But they’re proof big things can come from a very tiny car.

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