Officials exhibit how Aztec, N.M. gunman entered school

 AZTEC, N.M. — Authorities contend a 21-year-old gunman killed two students at a New Mexico high school Thursday in a designed attack after disguising himself as a tyro to benefit entrance to the building.San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen told reporters Friday that 21-year-old William Atchison of the tiny city of Aztec had legally purchased a 9mm Glock pistol a month ago. 

Officials pronounced Atchison, who had formerly attended Aztec High School, went there before buses arrived and was means to “mingle” with students and walk into the building undetected.

Atchison killed the two students apparently at random, one in a restroom and the other just outside, Christesen said. Authorities reliable Friday they do not trust the gunman targeted Casey Jordan-Marquez and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez.

More lives could have been lost had Fernandez not walked into the bathroom, authorities said. That’s when the gunman shot Fernandez. Atchison walked out into the corridor and encountered the second victim, Casey J. Marquez, and killed her.

After sharpened both dead, he went on a uproar within the school, walking up and down the corridor and sharpened by potion and walls as students and teachers barricaded themselves. Then, he fatally shot himself with the same gun.

“This person is not only a coward, he’s immorality in my mind,” Christesen said.

Christesen pronounced papers found on a ride drive show that the 21-year-old had designed the attack and carried it out with an vigilant that was “focused” and “deranged.” Christesen displayed some of the papers at a press discussion Friday.

“If things go according to plan, currently would be when we die,” the papers said. “I wait until the school buses are detected, then conduct out on foot sheltered as a student. we go somewhere and rigging up, then hold a category warrant and go apes—-, then blow my smarts out.”

In the writings, Atchinson spoke of being unfortunate with work, school and his life and said, “I just wish out of this s—.”


Casey Jordan-Marquez, left, and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez, right

Officials pronounced they were still confused as to a ground but they trust serve information on the ride drive, which has been incited over to the FBI, will help authorities know what led up to the shooting.

New Mexico State Police arch Pete Kassetas pronounced it was “very obvious” Atchison wanted officials to find the ride drive since it was on his body.

“There’s a lot some-more information there, we’ve hardly scratched the surface of that, of what was speaking to his mindframe,” Kassetas said.

Investigators also found a timeline of what the gunman had planned, with a final time-stamped note that said, “Die.”

Speaking Friday, an FBI agent pronounced Atchison had prior been investigated by the FBI after making comments on an online gaming forum about shopping “cheap conflict rifles” for someone who wanted to dedicate a mass shooting. 

Terry Wade, FBI special agent in charge in Albuquerque, pronounced that the group checked databases and interviewed him and his family in Mar 2016.

Wade pronounced the man didn’t have a gun at that time and told agents that he had no plans for an attack. He also didn’t have ties to any organizations. Family members pronounced Atchison was famous for making comments to get people “riled up,” Christesen said, and Wade pronounced Atchison certified he favourite to “troll” online.

New Mexico School Shooting

Aztec High School students and area residents at candlelight burial in Aztec, N.M., on night of Dec 7, 2017, after sharpened at the school left two students and the gunman dead

The FBI sealed the review when it dynamic no crime was committed.

Christesen hailed dauntless acts of school staff and law coercion who he pronounced helped save lives. He told reporters Friday that a surrogate teacher listened the gunshots but didn’t have a pivotal to close the doorway to the mechanism lab, so she took students into an bureau or storage area and barricaded the doorway with a couch.

He pronounced Atchison came to the room and yelled that he knew they were in there and then fired mixed shots into the room. Christesen and other officials praised the aplomb of school staff and law coercion who arrived at the stage in reduction than a minute, which he pronounced prevented some-more bloodshed.

Christesen also hailed a dauntless protector who he pronounced followed the gunman and yelled to warning teachers there was an active shooter and to close down.

Christesen pronounced it was a “miracle” no other injuries were reported.

The sharpened has rocked Aztec, a village of about 6,500 nearby the Colorado border. Hundreds collected for request services and candlelight vigils to respect the victims and some-more gatherings are designed over the weekend as residents demeanour for answers.


The stage at Aztec High School in Aztec, N.M., where a sharpened was reported Dec. 7, 2017

Marquez was a cheerleader and was formulation to attend in the arriving Orange Bowl. Her classmates pronounced she came opposite as a tyro leader.

Bryn Divine, a comparison at Aztec High School, remembered the victim being a colourful and accessible tyro who mostly won dance contests at school events.

“She illuminated up flattering much any room we were all in,” Divine said. “She was such a fun person to be around.”

Fernandez was famous for his rapid typing and seductiveness in computers. His family has pronounced he had a splendid future forward of him.

Gov. Susana Martinez pronounced she has met with the teens’ families and they talked about what good kids they were. Both of them also had jobs.

Martinez pronounced the families are broken but are pulling together.

“I don’t consider anyone ever gets over this,” she said.

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