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Pair held on video murdering mom bear, sorrow cubs: police

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A father and son skied to a apart bear basement on an Alaska island, shot a mom bear in opening of her dual cubs after that positively one of them incited his purloin on a sorrow newborns, murdering them, authorities settled Wednesday.

The boys didn’t know that a black bears have been a partial of an acknowledgement module and a massacre was held on video by a motion-activated digital camera extraneous a den.

Andrew Renner, 41, and son Owen Renner, 18, have been charged with a series of counts, together with a wrong murdering of a bear and any cubs within a Apr incident. Underneath state legislation, it’s wrong to kill black bear cubs or sows with cubs in many of Alaska, together with a place a holding cinema occurred.

On-line justice calendar information don’t inventory attorneys for a lads from Palmer, a capital tighten to Anchorage, and a summary left during a apportion listed for an Andrew Renner in Palmer wasn’t now returned Wednesday.

The video digital camera that prisoner a holding cinema was positioned on Esther Island in Prince William Sound as a partial of a bear investigate by a U.S. Forest Service and a Alaska Division of Fish and Recreation.

Troopers after performed a digital camera, that contained a series of 30-second video clips. The clips from Apr 14 benefaction Andrew and Owen Renner coming a basement and seeing a delicate bear, justice calendar paperwork say.

“Owen Renner shoulders a purloin and fires as slightest dual cinema on a bear. Cubs start sorrow within a basement after a rough cinema are fired,” a paperwork say. “The defendants compensate courtesy for a series of mins and finally know that it isn’t a routine sow, however a orphaned cubs, creation a sounds.

“The defendants afterwards send nearer to a basement a place Andrew Renner takes purpose by means of his purloin range only toes divided and fires a series of additional pictures, murdering a new child bear cubs,” formed on a justice calendar papers.

The digital camera afterwards catches a elder Renner saying, “It doesn’t matter. Bear down.”

The daddy and son afterwards drag a mom bear from a basement and know it has a Fish and Recreation collar.

“Undeterred, Andrew Renner states, ‘I’m gonna discharge these guys’ since tossing a cubs’ baggy carcasses onto a sleet extraneous a den,’” a paperwork say.

In one other video clip, a childish Renner says, ‘We perceived a collar off,” a justice calendar papers say. “Andrew Renner says, ‘We’re gonna pores and skin it that method,’” and factors divided from a den. Owen Renner agrees, saying, ‘They’ll by no means be able to hyperlink it to us.’ They ensue to grocer a boar and place it in distraction luggage, afterwards ski away.”

Subsequent video reveals a Renners returning dual days later. They collect a collar and pronounce about disposing of a cubs.

“I gotta go within a basement and safeguard there aren’t any small components,” positively one of them says concerning a cubs.

They confirm adult a bombard casings, place a cubs’ a bodies in a bag and ski away.

Andrew Renner took a black bear boar to a state wildlife workplace on Apr 30, claiming he and his son had killed it tighten to Granite Bay in Prince William Sound on Apr 14.

Troopers interviewed Renner, who settled he skinned a bear and introduced a collar in. He settled he had no information of a boar carrying cubs and no cubs have been within a space.

Authorities contend Renner additionally falsified support about murdering a animal when it was his son who did so and unsuccessful to notice a accumulation of bears illegally killed.

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