Puerto Rico refugees would get English classes, help under plan

The city should offer English classes, cash grants, free MetroCards and medical help to thousands of Puerto Ricans approaching to come to New York after Hurricane Maria scorched their homeland, Public Advocate Letitia James said.

James due a devise Thursday for the city to ready for Puerto Ricans approaching to immigrate here, as good as residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Make no mistake, this is a full-scale charitable crisis. we trust it’s the misfortune in new memory,” James pronounced at her reduce Manhattan office. “We must expect an liquid and attainment of these replaced Americans. Let me contend that again — replaced Americans.”

Mayor de Blasio has likely that a poignant series of Puerto Ricans, numbering at slightest in the thousands, will pierce to the city temporarily or henceforth after the storm.

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James due stationing medical crew at airports to get sick people who arrive — who may have been cut off from indispensable ventilators or dialysis since of a miss of electricity in Puerto Rico — to hospitals quickly.

SEPT. 26, 2017 PHOTO

Most journey Puerto Ricans are approaching to stay with family, but James pronounced the city should consider opening empty armories as proxy shelters if the need arises.

(Gerald Herbert/AP)

She pronounced the city should offer cash payments for resettlement by the existent “one shot” emergency extend program, which gives one time assistance payments to people confronting troubles like eviction or domestic violence.

She also due free MetroCards for 6 months for nearing charge victims.

The devise calls for free English classes for adults to be offering by city schools, conversing in schools for kids who have left by trauma, and a school supply concession drive for newly nearing students.

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Officials should also launch a winter wardrobe collection drive for people nearing from the pleasant island, she said.

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It’s misleading how much the offer would cost since no one is certain how many Puerto Ricans will select to come to New York. Flights off the island sojourn occasionally for now.

Most journey Puerto Ricans are approaching to stay with family, but James pronounced the city should consider opening empty armories as proxy shelters if the need arises.

Carlos Martinez, 67, of Bushwick, pronounced he expects several relatives, including his aged stepfather, to find retreat here after the hurricane.

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“He just found out that he won’t be means to see a alloy until next year. He’s on medication,” he said. “He’s going to have to come over here, since the conditions is deteriorating over there and a lot of others are not receiving the health caring that they need … We need to do something for them when they come over here.”

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