Restaurants making vegetables the star of the meal

More than 22 million American adults currently eat mostly or particularly vegetarian or vegan. Farmers markets have grown usually given 2004, rising to some-more than 8,000. Vegetables are also winning this year’s cookbook releases, with healthy anniversary veggie recipes for the home prepare stuffing page after page.

And at restaurants nationwide, vegetables are no longer the unhappy side image on the cooking image — they’re now the star!

With dozens of restaurants around the universe and several Michelin stars, internationally eminent prepare Jean-Georges Vongerichten knows the best mixture make the best food.


As some-more than 22 million American adults currently eat mostly or particularly vegetarian or vegan, chefs are celebrating veggies.

On a new debate of the fresh furnish stands at New York City’s Union Square Greenmarket he told CBS News writer Jamie Wax, “When you see a marketplace like this, you don’t wish to eat anything else.”

He introduced us to the familiar, like kale …

Wax asked Vongerichten, “Can kale tarry its trendiness? Do you consider kale is forever?”

“Forever,” he replied. “You can prepare it, you can offer it raw.”

… and the some-more unusual, like the flowering partial of the watercress, piquant and spicy.

And even the totally unknown, like fiddlehead ferns.


Fiddlehead ferns, at Union Square Greenmarket in New York City. 

Inspired by the contentment and accumulation of vegetables, Vongerichten recently non-stop his first vegetarian restaurant, abcV, just around the corner.

“We provide a fungus accurately like we do any other piece of fish or a piece of meat,” he said.


A vegetarian image at the Michelin-starred New York City grill Nix.

“With vegetables, you have to pull a little harder since people say, ‘Oh, it’s just a piece of vegetable.’ By adding flavors in layers, you can create something really singular and satisfying.”

Chefs and restaurants opposite the country and at all cost points are making veggies the star of the plate. Whether vegan, vegetarian or vegetable-forward, it’s now about celebrating vegetables, not trying to reinstate meat. 

“We went from being focused on nose-to-tail eating to now meditative about root-to-stem eating,” pronounced Food Wine editor Nilou Motamed, who was dining at the Michelin-starred vegetarian grill Nix in New York City.

“Vegetable-forward cooking is not indispensably vegetarian cooking, but it’s really looking at vegetables as the focal indicate of a meal, and the rest as additional players,” Motamed said.


Veggies are the categorical captivate at Bad Hunter in Chicago.

In Chicago, prepare Dan Snowden and the contentious vegetable-affectionate grill Bad Hunter put down roots late last year in the city’s meatpacking district.  

“We just adore the vegetables here,” Snowden said. “But we also like meat.”

He says he’s feeding the appetites of a health- and environment-focused open that is clamoring for vegetable-based meals, where beef is a side dish, a ornament … or even absent.

“The prepared caf� wants to know where their food is coming from and since and how,” Snowden said. “We really reside by that truth of using furnish and meats as consciously as we can.”

And millennials are partial of that trend. “Millennials are pulling the pouch for us all,” pronounced Motamed. “They are engaged. They care.”

When asked if people who come into his vegetable-focused grill are doubtful they will enjoy it, Vongerichten said, “I consider breakfast, no. Lunch, no. Dinner, a little bit. we mean, they’re shaken about dinner, since generally [they] consider of a little some-more estimable meat, fish restaurant. So we reinstate it by dishes like this: Whole cauliflower.”

And while not everybody is prepared to spend big kinds of income on a unfeeling entrée, some-more inspired diners are branch up for a taste.

Wax asked, “Is that fun for you as a prepare to make translates of people who don’t trust in this kind of cooking?”

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Vongerichten replied. “The plea is since we do it, no? we consider plants and vegetables are going to be the way of the future. we mean, it takes two weeks to grow a radish. It takes two or 3 years to lift a cow. we consider the diet’s going to be better for everybody.”

“And that’s just excellent with you?”

“It’s excellent with me. It’s the way we go.”

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For some-more info:

  • abcV, 38 E. 19th St., New York City
  • Nix, 72 University Pl., New York City
  • Bad Hunter, 802 W. Randolph St., Chicago
  • Union Square Greenmarket, New York City
  • Swale, New York City

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