Scout Schultz’s relatives to police: ‘Why did you kill my son?’

A Georgia Tech tyro shot passed by police was having a mental relapse and posed no hazard to officers, an profession for the student’s relatives pronounced at a weeping press discussion Monday.

Scout Schultz, 21, was shot and killed late Saturday on the Atlanta campus.

Schultz abandoned countless orders to dump a knife — and walked toward cops when told to mount still.

“Shoot me!” the barefoot tyro shouted.

Georgia Tech campus cops shoot, kill tyro holding ‘tiny’ knife

Schultz was fatally bleeding with a singular shot to the heart and died at a internal hospital.

Attorney Chris Stewart stood next to Scout’s relatives Bill and Lynne Schultz Monday holding a multipurpose apparatus identical to the one Schultz was wielding when the sharpened occurred. The blade on Schultz’s apparatus wasn’t even extended, Stewart said.

Stewart, who called the sharpened “senseless,” plans to file a polite fit on interest of the parents.


Scout Schultz, 21, was shot and killed late Saturday.


“People have breakdowns infrequently … people just mangle down,” Stewart said. “That doesn’t meant they deserved to die.”

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Bill Schultz believes the police could have rubbed the conditions differently.

“Why did you have to shoot?” he said, addressing the officer who fired. “Why did you kill my son?”

Schultz — boss of the school’s Pride Alliance — identified as bisexual, nonbinary and intersex, and elite using “they/them” pronouns over “him” or “her.” Scout was a fourth year mechanism engineering tyro and hoped to one day make biomedical devices.

“Scout had a very earnest future, or would have,” Lynne Schultz pronounced Monday.

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“Now, we’ll never know what Scout competence have come up with.”

Scout Schultz's relatives Bill and Lynne mount next to profession Chris Stewart during Monday's press conference.

Scout Schultz’s relatives Bill and Lynne mount next to profession Chris Stewart during Monday’s press conference.


They had a 3.9 GPA — two B’s in three-plus years of college on a full scholarship, Scout’s father Bill Schultz pronounced Monday.

Bill Schultz called Scout “the biggest kid.”

“We don’t know what happened, but whatever happened, it shouldn’t have resulted in a death,” Bill Schultz said.

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Schultz battled with basin and formerly attempted suicide, but they attended conversing sessions and seemed to be making progress, the ravaged relatives said.

Scout — who didn’t take any classes this summer to “decompress” — was set to connoisseur in December.

“I took (Scout) back to school Aug. 19,” the father said. “That’s the last time we saw Scout.”

The moments before Scout Schultz was shot by police were prisoner on video.

The moments before Scout Schultz was shot by police were prisoner on video.

(Maxim Mints around Vimeo)

A burial for Schultz was scheduled for late Monday.

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Georgia Tech’s President, G.P. “Bud” Peterson, expelled a matter expressing condolences for “Scout’s family, friends and colleagues as we weep Scout’s life and the unrealized intensity of what could have been.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is doing the sharpened investigation.

Schultz “was not mild and would not approve with the officers’ commands,” GBI wrote in a Sunday press release. “(Schultz) continued to allege on the officers with the knife. Subsequently, one officer fired distinguished (Schultz).”

It’s misleading if the officer who shot Schultz was lerned in traffic with suspects who have mental disorders.

Police on the campus do not lift Tasers or jolt guns, but are versed with peppers spray.

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