Search for tot twins as "uncooperative" relatives jailed

STOCKTON — Police contend the relatives of blank twin infants in California are being uncooperative, and the couple is jailed as the hunt continues, reports CBS Sacramento.

Aaron Weddles and Princess Canez-Walker were arrested in Stockton on guess of child endangerment and child slight Tuesday. Police had been acid for the family given they were alerted Jan. 4 that two adults and their children were missing, transitory and presumably vital out of a car, according to Stockton Police.

Police found the couple vital in their automobile with a 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old twin girls, who were taken into the control of child gratification officials. But another set of twins, a child and girl who are 20 months old, weren’t with them.

The span faced a judge Thursday on separate charges of desolation for Canez-Walker and drugs for Weddles. But Stockton police contend they won’t give them any information about the plcae of the blank twins, Ren and Setina.

Police contend there’s a probability the twins are with family or friends, but also contend there’s a probability of tainted play since they don’t know their location.

“The relatives are not cooperating, they are giving opposing statements, and if they would concur with us, we’d be means to find out where these children are at and that is the idea to make certain that they are safe,” Stockton Police orator Joe Silva told CBS Sacramento.

Silva told the Stockton Record that when investigators met with Weddles on Jan. 9, Weddles told them, “You are the ones getting paid. Do your job.”

No photos of the blank twins were available. Police described them as churned ethnicity, Cambodian and African-American. They are appealing to the village for information about the plcae of the children.

Anyone who sees the children or knows where they competence be is asked to call police immediately at (209) 937-8323 or (209) 937-7911 after hours.

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