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Small city mayor re-elected with 100% of opinion from all 3 residents

RUSO, N.D. — The chairman believed to be North Dakota’s oldest mayor has breezed to a opposite time period, essential unanimously in a opinion that beheld 100 % turnout.

Ruso Mayor Bruce Lorenz prisoner all 3 votes plain within a state’s smallest enclosed metropolis, the Minot Daily News reported.

The 86-year-old late farming mail provider estimates he’s been mayor for larger than 3 many years. He settled he forgot Tuesday was choosing day compartment his daughter reminded him.

“I’ll contingency go down a highway and see if we can learn a cigar,” he quipped.

Current good being points have triggered Lorenz to scheme into an assisted staying trickery in Minot, that can shorten his duties as mayor.

“My good being went to pot this spring,” he stated. “I can’t even wander anymore with out a walker. Life offers us some surprising roads. We’ll see what takes place.”

Lorenz settled he’ll nonetheless duty mayor. He does have a height — he desires to get farming H2O use within a McLean County city.

“We wish farming H2O but it’s too dear for simply a few individuals,” he stated. “Ruso is sincerely tiny all proper.”

In a one opposite competition on Tuesday’s poll, Terry Roloson was re-elected to Metropolis Council after additionally garnering all 3 votes solid.

Ruso is positioned about 40 miles southeast of Minot.

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