Student claiming he was hazed by teacher is police officer’s son

MIAMI — A tyro at a South Florida private school who claims he was a victim of hazing is the son of a Miami-Dade police officer, CBS Miami reports. The 16-year-old high school tyro at the ancestral Belen Preparatory School pronounced he was abused in English teacher Cristina Ramirez’s category last week after he unsuccessful to bring in a bottled water concession for the annual school festival.

The school is now brief an English teacher as Ramirez — a maestro of some-more than two decades — is on leave while police examine the purported incident.

A twin of a police occurrence report obtained by CBS Miami, and a police source with approach believe of the case, pronounced the purported victim told investigators Ramirez destined two other students to tie him to a chair with counsel tape, identical to police crime stage tape, and for students to whip him with “non-lethal” objects.

The report pronounced the child was hit with paper balls and boots that were thrown at him. The police source pronounced pencils were also among the projectiles.

According to the report, the tyro claims the teacher supposing the tape.

The tyro certified uttering a wanton vulgarity to the teacher and was systematic to offer a one-day cessation that was carried after the purported hazing was reported.

Ramirez’s counsel has flatly denied all the allegations. 

Attorney Giorgio Ramirez, who is also the teacher’s brother, told CBS Miami “the tyro making these allegations did issue an reparation to my client, in writing, for his tainted language.”

“My client did not attend in, or direct, or declare any hazing of this student,” the profession said.

The counsel supposing CBS Miami with a duplicate of the student’s reparation in which the teen said, “I would never meant to disregard anyone in such a way.” The reparation note creates no discuss of any hazing incident, which allegedly preceded the coarse outburst.

Ramirez, hugely renouned with a era of students, is garnering outrageous support. An online petition patrician “Bring Back Mrs. Ramirez” drew scarcely 5,000 signatures by midday Tuesday.

Comments on the site were overwhelmingly understanding of the teacher.

“This is an misapplication of the top order. Ms. Ramirez is one of the best educators to ever walk the halls of Belen,” review one entry.

Miami-Dade Police pronounced they are doing the Belen censure as they would any other, and that the student’s father being one of their own has not shabby their investigation.

“We examine the officers and officers concerned in some way in countless cases, routinely,” pronounced Det. Robin Pinkard, a dialect spokesperson.

They pronounced that if the allegations are true, they are utterly serious. 

The state attorney’s office, a dialect orator said, would make a final decision on what charge or charges, if any, competence be brought and against whom in the purported Belen incident.

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