Suspect arrested in 1980 murder of profound woman

LOS ANGELES — For 37 years, Ronnie Fematt had been vital with a blazing question: Who killed his newlywed wife and their unborn child in 1980 and left her bare physique on a Los Angeles County beach? 

Once deliberate a probable consider in the case, Fematt stood shoulder-to-shoulder Friday with Los Angeles sheriff’s investigators, who announced they had finally done an arrest.

It was Mar of 1980 when Fematt had an justification with his newlywed wife, Teresa Broudreaux – then 20 years old and 5 months profound with their unborn child – and she left to go to her sister’s residence nearby, investigators said. After she left her sister’s home after that evening, Broudreaux was never seen alive again.

Pregnant Woman Killing Arrest

Ronnie Fematt, husband of Teresa Boudreaux, who was murdered in 1980, talks to reporters after Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell announced the detain of a man on guess of killing her, at a news discussion in downtown Los Angeles Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. 

Her nude, routine physique was found early in the morning on Mar 4, 1980, along the shoreline of Malaga Cove Beach in Palos Verdes Estates. Broudreaux had been beaten over the conduct and killed.

Detectives tried to lane down any leads they could. But there were no witnesses, and for years the case had left cold – the annals after filed divided in the carnage bureau’s library.

“Years later, a series of coincidences and new DNA record constructed an unexpected mangle in the case,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

The case was reviewed by a specialized patrol that reviews unsolved cases and in 2013, investigators unclosed DNA from justification that had been collected at the crime scene, but they wouldn’t yield many details. They ran the DNA representation by a database and got “quite the hit,” sheriff’s Det. Ralph Hernandez said.

The DNA alone, though, wasn’t adequate for detectives to infer their case.

After years of additional interviews and a examination of a probable suspect’s rapist record, detectives believed they could finally make a case that could stick.

Robert Yniguez, 65, was arrested on guess of murder outward of his home in San Pedro on Thursday.

Yniguez’s DNA had been on file for a before sex offense, Hernandez said. He had been arrested in 1981 and suspected of sexually assaulting a immature woman, the investigator pronounced at a news discussion Friday. But the charges were forsaken when the lady stopped cooperating.

Yniguez was arrested again the next year and served eight years in jail after being convicted of rape, Hernandez said. Since his release, Yniguez has gotten married and has been employed as a construction worker, detectives said.

Yniguez had been questioned about Broudreaux’s killing several times given his 2013, but when detectives came knocking on his doorway Thursday night, he was still surprised, Hernandez said. It wasn’t immediately transparent if he had an profession who could criticism on the allegations.

The detain was acquire news for Fematt, who pronounced he’s never given up wish that one day detectives would find his wife’s killer. The two had met while she was operative at a fast-food grill and were dating for a few years before they were awaiting a little girl and were married. Five months later, his wife was killed. She also had a four-year-old daughter, CBS Los Angeles reports. 

“There was nobody to hear her cry, nobody to hear her screams, nobody to help her,” Fematt said, his voice cracking, as he choked back tears. “When she bled out, the baby died. we consider of that all time.”

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