Teenager’s failing difference lead deputies to her suspected killers

MODESTO , Calif. — Two people are behind bars after a Tracy lady was brutally beaten and stabbed in Alameda County, interjection to her deathbed confession. CBS Sacramento reports a motorist found the 19-year-old victim early this morning on Tesla Road nearby Livermore.

 “This victim really tried to survive,” pronounced Sgt. Ray Kelly, a orator for Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. “She fought, and she fought. The last thing we trust she was means to do was to indicate us in the instruction of the people who killed her.”

The sheriff’s dialect got the call just after 2 a.m. on Monday. A motorist speckled a lady crawling on the belligerent on Tesla Road, a farming partial of Alameda County.

“There’s a womanlike crawling on the road,” the runner said, in one of the first dispatch calls. “She is blank an arm, and she is bloody.”

“Initially they guess the lady may have had a severed arm,” Sgt. Kelly said. “That was eventually not true. It appears she likely had her arm under her physique as she was crawling.”

The victim had been stabbed several times and beaten, but she still managed to yield 100 yards back to the road. She was airlifted to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, where she died two hours later.

“We have a constrained failing declaration,” Sgt. Kelly said.

Her final difference were to police: the names of the people who pounded her. That led investigators with Alameda County Sheriff’s Department to a residence on Nadine Avenue in Stanislaus County.

“We seen the Sheriff lift up on the dilemma right here on the street and sat here until this afternoon when the raid happened,” pronounced neighbor Jami Marie Smith.

Around 1 p.m., deputies arrested a man and a lady at the house, both 19 years old.

“They were good neighbors,” pronounced Bertha Andrade, who lives next door. “I never listened zero bad!”

Deputies left the home around 4:30 p.m. But neighbor Jamie Marie Smith says she still feels uneasy.

“When you have people that go out and do things like that, and they finish up vital in your neighborhood, it’s not good,” Smith said.

The suspects have been ecstatic to Alameda County on guess of murder. Their names and the victim’s name have not nonetheless been released.

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