Temps soar past 100 as heated feverishness call hits Southwest

PHOENIX, Ariz. — It’s a day like currently when Phoenix truly earns the name the Valley of the Sun — a day when even hardened dried dwellers say: it’s just too hot.

“A feverishness call isn’t really a good way to report it. It’s some-more like a feverishness attack!” one jogger told CBS News.

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That’s when feverishness warnings take on combined urgency.

“People can go right from what they consider is feverishness depletion to symptoms of a feverishness stroke, which is actually a deadly illness,” pronounced Captain Reda Bigler, a paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department.

The hottest it’s ever been in Phoenix is 122. This week, that record is in jeopardy. It will be even hotter on Tuesday. Phoenix has only hit 120 degrees 3 times in available history.


The feverishness call is also melancholy to set annals opposite the segment including Tucson and Las Vegas.

Even the routinely cold San Francisco airport reached 97 on Sunday. Its all-time record is 103.

The feverishness is also being blamed for several fires in the West. One nearby Brian Head, Utah, has broken one home and is melancholy several others.

And California’s copious winter snowpack is now melting so fast that the Kings River nearby Fresno is flooding, and forced some-more than 300 evacuations.

During the rise feverishness Tuesday evening, American Airlines had already cancelled around 40 flights since some tiny planes can’t safely take off when it’s above 118.

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