Texas executes man convicted in death of jail guard

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — A Texas invalid convicted in the death of a jail ensure was executed Thursday after the U.S. Supreme Court deserted his lawyers’ attempts to hindrance the punishment. 

Robert Pruett was given a deadly injection for the deadly attack on corrections officer Daniel Nagle in Dec 1999 at a jail southeast of San Antonio. Nagle was regularly stabbed with a tape-wrapped steel rod, yet an autopsy showed he died from a heart attack that the attack caused. Prosecutors have conspicuous the stabbing stemmed from a brawl over a peanut butter sandwich that Pruett wanted to take into a distraction yard against jail rules.

In his final matter before being put to death, the 38-year-old Pruett conspicuous he harm a lot of people and a lot of people harm him. He conspicuous he was contemptible and held no grudges.

“I’ve had to learn lessons in life the tough way,” he said. “One day there won’t be a need to harm people.”

He told his friends who were examination the execution by a window that he desired them. “I’m prepared to go,” Pruett said. “Nighty night, everybody. I’m done, warden.”

As the deadly sip of the absolute opiate pentobarbital began to flow, he started to chant: “Love. Light. It’s forever.”

His voice rose as he steady the phrase. He combined obscenities and shortly was yelling. He started to offence his difference before slipping into unconsciousness. He was conspicuous passed at 6:46 p.m. CDT, 29 mins after being given the drug.

Pruett, who was already portion a 99-year visualisation for a neighbor’s killing nearby Houston when he was convicted in Nagle’s death, lost two appeals at the Supreme Court as his execution neared. He became the 20th restrained put to death this year in the U.S. and the sixth in Texas, which carries out the death chastisement some-more than any other state. Texas executed 7 inmates last year.

About 100 corrections officers stood in arrangement outward the Huntsville Unit jail as Pruett was being executed. They remained there as Nagle’s kin emerged from the jail after witnessing the punishment.

“While some people may not know this, we pardon him since God’s word tells us to do so,” Nagle’s wife, Crystal, said. “Now it’s up to God, since Jesus is the one who does the final judgment.”

Pruett’s lawyers had asked the high justice to examination either reduce courts scrupulously denied a sovereign polite rights lawsuit that sought additional DNA contrast in his case. They also questioned either a restrained like Pruett, who claimed tangible ignorance in sovereign justice since of newly detected justification after burdensome all other appeals, could be put to death.

Pruett avoided execution in Apr 2015, hours before he could have been taken to the death chamber, when a state judge halted his punishment so additional DNA contrast could be conducted on the rod used to gash the 37-year-old Nagle. The new tests showed no DNA on the fasten but unclosed DNA on the rod from an different womanlike who authorities conspicuous likely rubbed the handle during the appeals routine after the strange tests in 2002.

Pruett’s attorneys unsuccessfully sought some-more DNA contrast and filed a sovereign polite rights lawsuit arguing Pruett had been denied due process. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals deserted the lawsuit last week, and the lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Attorneys for Texas told the Supreme Court that Pruett’s appeals were check strategy after issues were “repeatedly raised” and “properly rejected” by the courts.

No earthy justification tied Pruett to Nagle’s death at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s McConnell Unit nearby Beeville. At his 2002 trial, prisoners testified that they saw Pruett attack Nagle or listened him speak about wanting to kill the guard. According to some of the testimony, he talked about possessing a arms as well.

Pruett had conspicuous he was framed and that Nagle could have been killed by other inmates or corrupt officers at the McConnell Unit.

Pruett’s 99-year murder visualisation was for participating with his father and a hermit in the 1995 stabbing death of a 29-year-old neighbor, Raymond Yarbrough, at the man’s trailer home in Channelview, just easterly of Houston. Pruett was 15 when the attack happened.

According to justice testimony from a sheriff’s detective, Pruett argued with Yarbrough and then got his father and hermit to join him in aggressive the man. Pruett punched and kicked Yarbrough and held him down while his father stabbed the man mixed times, the investigator said.

Pruett’s father, Howard Pruett, is portion life in prison. His brother, Howard Pruett Jr., was condemned to 40 years. 

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