Yearbooks removed over ‘Build that wall’ quote

A North Carolina high school has removed its yearbooks after school administrators deemed mixed comments “inappropriate.”

Among them was a quote, attributed to Donald Trump, reading “Build that wall” next to a senior’s portrait.

The Richmond Early College High School’s principal immediately halted distribution, and asked students to give back yearbooks that had already been handed out.

“We bewail that this occurrence has occurred and are now operative with the yearbook’s publisher to make corrections,” the Richmond County School district pronounced in a statement.

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School district mouthpiece Ashley-Michelle Thublin pronounced there was some-more than one controversial criticism in the yearbook, but wouldn’t elaborate.

“There were several inapt comments that were made. We are not naming what they were since in the opinion, if it’s not suitable to contend in the yearbook, it’s not suitable to contend out loud,” she told the Daily News.

Thublin pronounced 22 yearbooks were systematic and “only a handful” had been distributed before the recall. Students who purchased yearbooks will be reimbursed for the cost, between $30 and $39.

None of the students were trained for the quotes, the matter said.

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Hundreds reacted to the occurrence on social media. Some accused the school of censorship. “More teaching and censorship of today’s girl who can’t demonstrate their domestic opinions openly are not what we need from a school board,” wrote one Facebook user.

“They were asked to yield a quote…nothing wrong with that quote!!!! The principal should be fired…this is fascism…not leisure of speech,” another said.

Richmond Early College High School is 10 years old and serves 259 students in grades 9-13.

“As a district, we do not and will not endure inapt control toward any of the students,” the district pronounced in a statement.

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