Analyst: ISIS "looking for opportunities to strike back"

A terror attack unfolded Thursday when a outpost mowed down pedestrians in Barcelona’s renouned Las Ramblas district. At slightest 13 people were killed and scores of people injured. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility, nonetheless CBS News hasn’t seen justification to support that explain yet.

Officials contend two suspects have been arrested in tie with the attack. Police contend one think is a Spanish inhabitant from Melilla and the other is Moroccan. Neither of the suspects gathering the van, and police pronounced the motorist is still on the run.

Fran Townsend, a former homeland confidence confidant to President George W. Bush and CBS News comparison inhabitant confidence analyst, spoke with Anthony Mason on “CBS Evening News” about the attack and the terrorism threat.

She says that the latest attack is the rivalry holding advantage of targets where confidence may not always be in mass quantity.

“Over the years, governments around the universe have put up barriers in vast walking areas to forestall cars from getting into them, but you can’t do that everywhere,” Townsend said. “Any iconic, traveller landmark — any place people gather, restaurants, squares — we can’t strengthen all of them. Sadly, the enemy, ISIS, is holding advantage of them.” 

Townsend points out that in municipal populations, ISIS has a militant advantage given confidence can’t be everywhere at all times.  

“We shouldn’t be all that surprised,” she adds. “We are next against them in place like Iraq and Syria. They clearly are looking for opportunities to strike back.”

“We’ll see if this is unfamiliar fighters which are distant much some-more prevalent in places like France, Germany and Brussels,” Townsend said.

She also remarkable that it’s formidable to forestall attacks like this — generally in European nations.

“We know that in the United States, the FBI gets these sorts of leads all the time — it’s almost overwhelming, they don’t have adequate resources. So they make judgments as to who they will follow,” Townsend said.

Meanwhile, 3 days of anguish have been announced in response to the attack. A notation of overpower will be held Friday in categorical block “to show that we are not scared,” Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, said.

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