FBI questions brothers in death of limit unit agent

FBI agents doubt the puzzling occurrence that left one limit unit agent seriously harmed and another passed are doubt two brothers in tie with the case.

Agents Rogelio “Roger” Martinez and Stephen Garland on Nov. 18 were found harmed at the bottom of a culvert along Interstate 10, just a few miles easterly of Van Horn, Texas. Martinez suffered from broken skeleton and a conduct damage and after died at an El Paso hospital.

Garland — who pronounced he does not remember the dusk of the occurrence — was left seriously injured. Officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Border unit pronounced in a matter the span were “responding to activity” at the time.

The FBI has pronounced it’s treating the limit unit agent’s death as a “potential attack,” yet President Trump was discerning to dub it as such and use the occurrence to support his call for a wall on the Mexican border.

Investigators recently sealed in on Antonio and Daniel Munoz after a tip from a “coyote” — or someone who smuggles people into the United States — alleging the span recently crossed into the country with a vast organisation and certified to aggressive the agents with rocks, according to justice papers obtained by the Dallas Morning News.

Authorities questioned the brothers, who have not been named as suspects or charged in the attack, and eventually found red-stained fabric in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am the men had been roving in.

President Trump used the purported attack to support his call for a wall on the Mexico-United States border.

President Trump used the purported attack to support his call for a wall on the Mexico-United States border.


A lady who was reportedly roving with them told investigators she also listened Antonio Munoz pronounce about channel into the United States with drugs “including methamphetamine and heroin.”

The papers filed in New Mexico sovereign justice additionally state Antonio, who is in control for allegedly channel the limit illegally, was likely a “drug courier.”

Both men have denied impasse in Martinez’s death, but the FBI refers to them as “the likely perpetrators in the attack” in the new justice filing.

Jeanette Harper, a mouthpiece for the FBI in El Paso, told the Washington Post that investigators “are still in the commencement stages to see if these people are connected to his incident.”

Law coercion pronounced they’re still acid for leads in the intensity attack and are doubt mixed possibilities behind Martinez’s death — including that the agents were incidentally hit by a semi.

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