Kim Jong Un’s younger sister to attend Winter Olympics

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — Vice President Mike Pence vowed Wednesday the U.S. will shortly hit North Korea with the “toughest and many aggressive” sanctions nonetheless over its nuclear weapons program. Pence is on his way to lead the U.S. commission at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. 

The younger sister of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un is also streamer to the Olympics. Kim Yo Jong is believed to be a devoted confidant to her brother, but it’s not transparent if she’s being sent to broach a summary on his behalf. 

“We’ll demeanour closely at who’s with her and what she does and what she says,” pronounced North Korea consultant Jeffrey Lewis. “But we don’t have a lot of sum about what precisely her role is.” 

Because of her influence, the South Korean media calls her the North’s Ivanka Trump. She would be the first member of North Korea’s statute family to cranky the border. But she may not accept a comfortable welcome. 

Protesters have been nod the members of the North’s delegation, which numbers some-more than 500 people. They’re angry that Kim Jong Un’s regime is participating in the Olympics and hidden the spotlight. 

South Korea has requested a waiver from the United Nations Security Council for North Korean sports central Choe Hwi to transport to the games, CBS News’ Pam Falk reports. Choe is on a U.N. blacklist exclusive him from travel. The Security Council has until Thursday to consider the request.

Meanwhile, Pence is attending the opening rite to opposite what he views as propaganda. 

“We will not concede North Korean promotion to steal the summary and imagery of the Olympic Games,” Pence said. 

At a stop in Tokyo, Pence announced new but vague sanctions on North Korea. They are approaching to take outcome during the games, which could mystify the efforts of South Korea to rivet Kim Jong Un’s regime. But experts contend promulgation his sister is a sign of what Kim Jong Un is thinking. 

“North Korea’s supervision is a family affair. It’s run by the Kim family. So to send a comparison and critical member to the Olympics means the supervision is holding this very seriously,” pronounced Lewis. 

Members of North Korea’s commission are approaching to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in while they are here. A assembly between them and Pence now seems reduction likely given the U.S. is about to levy some-more sanctions on North Korea. 

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