Turkey’s whistled ‘bird language’ under hazard from mobiles

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Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism

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Kuskoy villagers are the last smooth speakers of the whistled language

The United Nations informative group has named the “bird language” of Black Sea villagers in northern Turkey as an involved partial of universe birthright in need of obligatory protection.

About 10,000 people, mostly in the Canakci district of Giresun Province, use the denunciation – a highly-developed complement of whistling – to promulgate opposite prolonged distances in their imperishable towering terrain, Unesco says in a news recover announcing its decision.

The denunciation joins the “List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding” given of the impact of social and technological change, Unesco says, singling out the augmenting use of mobile phones as a “key hazard to its survival”.

Turkey’s Culture Minister Numan Kurtulmus welcomed the move, tweeting his congratulations to his “fellow Black Sea seashore residents who have kept this enlightenment alive”.

The bird denunciation is still ordinarily used in the encampment of Kuskoy, which translates as “bird village”, but 50 years ago it was widespread opposite the Black Sea regions of Trabzon, Rize, Ordu, Artvin and Bayburt.

In those tools it survives only in a “few difference oral by shepherds”, Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reports.

Kuskoy is making efforts to keep the use alive by its annual Bird Language Festival, and the conduct of the Bird Language Cultural Association, Seref Kocek, pronounced internal people have welcomed the news “with joy, as a dream come true”, Milliyet journal reports.

The district authorities also started teaching the denunciation at primary school turn given 2014, Hurriyet reports.

But Unesco warns that Kuskoy’s bird language, like dozens of other whistling tongues in alpine and forested areas around the world, still faces an capricious future “unless essential defence measures are undertaken, using an integrated approach”.

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Image copyright
Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Image caption

Kuskoy is making efforts to learn the denunciation to the next generation

Reporting by Martin Morgan

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