USS Fitzgerald captain will be relieved of duty

PENTAGON — The captain of the destroyer, USS Fitzgerald, two comparison officers and at slightest a dozen sailors are being trained for the horrifying collision that killed seven sailors in Jun off the seashore of Japan.

The captain at the time, CDR Bryce Benson, has been relieved of duty, as were two other comparison officers, CDR Sean Babbitt and Master Chief Petty Officer Brice Baldwin.

Thirty-five sailors were defunct in a cell when the crawl of the Philippine ship punched a 17-by-13 foot hole in the Fitzgerald’s hull. Seven sleeping closest to the hole drowned but 28 somehow done it out alive, even yet the whole space was scarcely flooded within 30 to 60 seconds.

The Navy’s harrowing distraction of those terror-filled seconds was put together to answer the one doubt all the families of the passed had: Did they suffer? The answer: Not for long.


The collision sent sailors, lockers and televisions flying. With water rushing in on the starboard side, they started yelling “water on deck,” and “get out,” scrambling toward a ladder on the pier side.

“After the initial shock,” the report says, the sailors “lined up in a comparatively ease and nurse demeanour to stand the pier side ladder … even yet (they) were up to their necks in water by that point.”

Two sailors stayed at the bottom of the ladder, assisting others up. When those two finally climbed out they stayed at the top of the ladder and reached down underwater to lift two some-more to reserve before they had to shelter to another turn to seal the flooded cell from the rest of the ship.

One of the dead, Gary Rehm, was buried Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery. According to the report, he discovered a soldier trapped under a depressed locker.

The ship’s captain, along with the officers and men on watch that night are deliberate to have done vicious mistakes which caused the collision.

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