Christian Hackenberg shows guarantee in preseason opener

The Summer of Hack kicked off in a near-empty building with an ultra-conservative devise for the biggest poser on a unhappy franchise.

The Jets rolled out a crawl-before-you-can-walk plans for Christian Hackenberg in a pre-season opening snooze fest designed to build up the immature quarterback’s confidence.

It was safe, elementary and rather prolific for an classification anticipating to teach the second-year vigilance tourist with faith so they can get a decisive answer to this infuriating question: Is this child the authorization quarterback?

Nearly one year after Hackenberg sputtered in a pre-season culmination disaster in Philly, he went 18 for 25 for 127 yards and a lost fail in the Jets’ 7-3 win against the Titans at MetLife Stadium on Saturday.

The team’s wish was to give Hackenberg, who came into the diversion after Josh McCown engineered an eight-play, 78-yard opening touchdown drive, copiousness of snaps to better weigh him.

“He played fine in the pocket,” Todd Bowles said. “I suspicion he changed around well. He threw the round divided when he had to. It’s things to build off.”

Hackenberg’s numbers were frequency spectacular—he only averaged 5.1 yards per attempt, for Pete’s consequence – but he looked gentle in John Morton’s West Coast scheme.

The immature quarterback, scrutinized at clearly every spin this open and summer, showed some enlivening signs, but this much is clear: He has a prolonged way to go before the brain trust will feel gentle starting him in a regular-season game.

Christian Hackenberg is sacked by Tennessee Titans defensive back Brynden Trawick.

Christian Hackenberg is sacked by Tennessee Titans defensive back Brynden Trawick.

(Bill Kostroun/AP)

Hackenberg done discerning decisions in the pocket after an disproportionate first two weeks of training stay that enclosed wholly too many inconclusive moments that resulted in too many “sacks.”

“The fight as a immature player is to not press and go, ‘Man, we need to go make that chuck or go do that,’” McCown said. “He stayed within the system. When you do that, then you can really grow into apropos a some-more unchanging player.”

The good news: The Titans didn’t lay a finger on Hackenberg in the first half thanks, in part, to his decisiveness. The bad news: The Jets didn’t spot the finish section in eight drives with Hackenberg that enclosed 6 punts, a missed margin idea and lost fumble.

Morton, making his lass excursion as an NFL play-caller, dialed up copiousness of three-step drops designed to get the round out of Hackenberg’s palm fast. This chronicle of the west seashore scheme was safe… and boring.

Hackenberg didn’t resemble the lost rookie that threw a pick-six and racked up scarcely twice as many incompletions than completions in last year’s preseason finale.

“(For) every rookie coming into the NFL (in) your first experience, you don’t really know to expect,” Hackenberg said. “It’s a totally opposite game, a totally opposite feel. we consider just being means to go by all that happened last year and learn and see and watch and observe and grow… helped.”

Hackenberg finished his first 5 passes before a dump by Jalin Marshall.

Christian Hackenberg.

Christian Hackenberg.

(Elsa/Getty Images)

“I consider (for) anyone personification that position at this level,” Hackenberg said, “Being means to smoke-stack some wins early… helps you kind of get in stroke and get in the upsurge of the game. Getting the round out quick. Seeing the defense. Understanding when they’re going to give us those shots (and) when they’re not.”

The top priority was to build Hackenberg’s certainty even if it meant holding baby stairs against backups. In that sense, idea accomplished.

Hackenberg played one series behind the Jets starting descent line. He only faced Tennessee’s first-team invulnerability on that drive before Mike Mularkey rolled out his backups.

Chandler Catanzaro missed a 55-yard margin idea try to top Hackenberg’s second series. The quarterback’s night was filled with discerning hitters to wideouts and dump-offs to using backs. Nothing too sexy. Hackenberg frequency challenged Tennessee’s invulnerability with middle or low passes.

“He had some shots down the margin that they took divided by coverage,” Bowles said, “So, he went to his second review and got absolved of the ball. So, a good pursuit doing that.”

Hackenberg frequency challenged Tennessee’s invulnerability with middle or low passes…

Hackenberg averted disaster on his fourth drive when his third-down pass was batted in the air at the line of scrimmage, bounced off an descent line and threw the arms of linebacker Nate Palmer.

Christian Hackenberg finished 18 of 25 passes for 127 yards.

Christian Hackenberg finished 18 of 25 passes for 127 yards.

(Brad Penner/USA Today Sports)

The Jets had an event to run a two-minute cavalcade with Hackenberg when they took over at their own nine-yard line with 1:22 left in the first half, but chose the regressive path. Evidently, Bowles and Morton didn’t wish to risk dinging Hackenberg’s certainty with a intensity mistake just before halftime.

Hackenberg was sacked on his first snap of the second half interjection to an descent line relapse that led to two free runners. He finished his night with a lost fail late in the third entertain on a botched sell with core Jonotthan Harrison.

A few days ago, Bowles pronounced that he wasn’t awaiting the immature quarterback to be Roger Staubach.

Hackenberg’s 83.2 passer rating won’t make anyone consider he’s the answer to the franchise’s many infuriating problem for the past half century, but this was a required step in his preparation if he has any possibility of apropos it.

The thesis on this night for Hackenberg was extravagantly clear: Better protected than sorry.

A new set of expectations awaits next week.


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