Even if Knicks are terrible, there’s still value in losing

The bookmakers have set the over/under at 25 ½ which, discordant to proof and reason, isn’t the Knicks win sum for the 2017-18 season. Since you asked, the over/under for Knicks wins is 30 ½ so again, if you’re using proof and reason, gamble the under.

What the 25 ½ represents is points Carmelo Anthony will or won’t measure next Thursday when the former Knick sees his old teammates on opening night in Oklahoma City. (For the record, that’s 25 ½ for the whole game, not just the first half.) Russell Westbrook and Paul George will know what this diversion means to Carmelo so it competence be correct to take the over. It may take Carmelo 30 shots to get there but he’ll get there.

Anthony, to use an old Jeff Van Gundy expression, will be “right and ready” when the Knicks come to town. As for Jeff Hornacek’s team, your theory is as good as any.

Kristaps Porzingis, the face and wish of the franchise, is approaching to skip the Knicks final preseason diversion on Friday with a bruise hip. That would meant two true DNP’s for Porzingis but the faith is that the third year brazen will be accessible against OKC. Still, it’s not an ideal way to enter the new season.

Knicks broke by James Harden as Rockets run up the score

And yet, Porzingis is light years forward of rookie Frank Ntilikina, who will likely skip his fourth true preseason diversion on Friday. Phil Jackson’s last central act as Knicks boss has, to this point, resembled many of Phil’s transactions; unfulfilling. An repairs prevented Ntilikina, the eighth altogether collect from last June’s NBA Draft, from personification any summer joining games and the immature indicate ensure has only seemed in one preseason game. Ntilikina is way behind.

Meanwhile, two players Jackson abandoned on breeze night, the Mavs Dennis Smith Jr. and Charlotte’s Malik Monk, are both personification and personification well. Phil may be left but he won’t shortly be forgotten.

Carmelo Anthony (r.), now a member of the Thunder, will demeanour to do repairs against his former team.

Carmelo Anthony (r.), now a member of the Thunder, will demeanour to do repairs against his former team.

(Sue Ogrocki/AP)

With the Phil and Carmelo play left and the Knicks approaching to finish out of the playoffs for the fifth true season, there is very little hum at Madison Square Garden. The fans may be dipsomaniac on wish but this group isn’t moving the needle. At slightest not yet.

The Knicks are selling 2017-18 as a rebuilding year featuring young, jaunty players. While that is a smart and protected strategy it does make you comprehend that Jackson’s unsuccessful reign set the authorization back. How far? That will be dynamic at a after date.

Knicks announce signing of indicate ensure Trey Burke

So the hum difference are “rebuild, young, athletic.” You’ll be conference a lot of that this year. But those selling slogans are fake promotion if Ntilikina can’t get on the justice and Porzingis doesn’t misses any extended time.

The Knicks revamped front office, wakeful that they may onslaught to strech 25 wins, has set this register up to tank even if they won’t use that word. It’s not the misfortune play.

The incoming category of college beginner is low and talented. Plus, the NBA’s revised breeze lottery format doesn’t go into outcome until 2019 so the some-more you remove the some-more you boost your chances of alighting the top altogether spot. Privately, Steve Mills and Scott Perry won’t be broken up if the Knicks, instead of winning 28 games, win 24. Plus, those defeats go on Hornacek’s permanent record anyway.

It’s a rebuilding year for Frank Ntilikina and the Knicks.

It’s a rebuilding year for Frank Ntilikina and the Knicks.

(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images)

But there is still copiousness for the Knicks to accomplish this season. Look no serve than the Brooklyn Nets last season. In Kenny Atkinson’s first year, the Nets focused on player growth and trying to build a enlightenment that demanded burden from the players and that they competed every night.

Knicks, Nets have NBA’s misfortune contingency to win pretension this deteriorate

Hornacek unsuccessful to do that last deteriorate but in integrity to the Knicks conduct manager he had Jackson respirating down his neck insisting that Hornacek run an old-fashioned offense that the players hated. Hornacek gets another chance. He needs to make the many of it.

Hornacek and his staff should be judged on the growth of Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez, Doug McDermott, Ron Baker and the two rookies, Ntilikina and Damyean Dotson.

Even if this is a losing season, the Knicks can get something of value out of this year. They need to.

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