Francesa talks about holding NFL picks to Bill Simmons’ podcast

Will Mike Francesa be back afta dis?

You can gamble Francesa will emerge somewhere (he’s pronounced on his show he can’t nonetheless speak about his future endeavors), but this week he did acknowledge the probability of operative with Bill Simmons after his mythological WFAN show goes wordless next week.

Francesa told Richard Deitsch on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast that his NFL picks are in high direct and he competence continue to make them on Simmons’ podcast. In doing so, he also shot down the probability of appearing on a TV show on the MSG Network or spasmodic sitting in with former partner Chris Russo on satellite radio.

“It is no secret that Bill and we like to work together,” Francesa pronounced of Simmons, who he once recruited to reinstate Russo after Mad Dog left FAN in 2008.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa loses his mind as Giants dais Eli Manning

Not Released (NR)

Mike Francesa points to Bill Simmons as someone who he wants to work with when WFAN gig ends.

(Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

“A lot of people wish to know where we will go to finish my football picks, which are very popular,” the Sports Pope said, characteristically, but a dump of humility. “A couple of people have asked me to sell them. we pronounced no. Bill has offering me a home to collect them on his podcast, which we am meditative about.

“The NFL Network has offering me the event to do it,” he said. “So we will do it somewhere. we don’t know where. But we would contend the likeliest place is Simmons’s podcast since of my attribute with him. … we adore operative with Simmons and we adore how his mind works. As distant as someone who just gets sports and enlightenment and is means to enunciate it and to be provocative but also poignant, to me, we consider he is the best there is out there.

“I don’t consider they have found the right car for him on radio nonetheless and we consider that is partially since he should be the two-man. He should not be the indicate ensure … we have tried to tell him that. But he will find that. we like people who have a good take on things and he has a good take on things.”

On the podcast, Francesa also talked about how he thinks the supervision should police feign news on the internet, because being a New York sports radio horde is opposite than in any other city, how he named a equine after his wild “Mongo Nation” following, and looked forward to what will likely be a formidable final show.

Mike Francesa believes he could conduct the Yankees

Mike Francesa says Bill Simmons has a 'great take on things.'

Mike Francesa says Bill Simmons has a ‘great take on things.’

(Mike Windle/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

“For some reason, we have connected with the younger assembly tremendously well, which has helped me a lot in terms of my ability to authority the assembly and not remove the younger partial of the audience,” he said. “I don’t know what caused it.”

Francesca, who plans to listen to the contingent of Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott that will try to reinstate him, is having a march of guest come on by the penultimate show. But that last show on Dec. 15, which will top his mythological 30-year run, he wants to be just him and the callers.

“I consider all of next week will be very emotional,” he said. “And we consider the last show will be awfully emotional.”

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