Giants ‘sticking’ with Eli Manning, not going to Davis Webb

Davis Webb had to send from Texas Tech to Cal to make his case for the NFL and now it doesn’t demeanour like he’ll get to play before the Giants likely breeze another quarterback on top of him.

Interim conduct manager Steve Spagnuolo reiterated Monday that he is “sticking” with Eli Manning as the Giants’ starting quarterback next Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles and combined he doesn’t see that changing for two remaining games after, yet he allowed resources always can change.

“Right now — again I’m on the week-by-week and let’s win the next diversion — to kick the Philadelphia Eagles, right now Eli Manning is the starting quarterback,” Spagnuolo said. “And we don’t feel that changing but we don’t know what next week is gonna bring.”

Spagnuolo understandably took over for a fired Ben McAdoo only week ago, but still, he done Webb, the Giants’ rookie QB, sound like an afterthought, if not to him than to the descent staff that’s advising him.

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Spagnuolo, asked directly if the Giants weren’t personification Webb since they don’t feel he’s ready, said: “No, no. we can’t contend that right now. Again you’re asking questions we have not had the discussions with the descent coaches about that. But that’s a satisfactory question. In other difference are we not moving him up since we don’t consider he’s prepared …?”

And it was simplified Spagnuolo was being asked, are the Giants not personification Webb since they already have adequate information on him and don’t trust he’s their future?

“And we don’t consider that’s the case,” Spagnuolo said. “But you’ve got to give me some time to put my arms around it. And we can’t guarantee that that’s gonna be a open thing. We’re gonna duty as an NFL football team. We’re positively gonna try to make certain the competition doesn’t have any additional info. So we wish you can conclude that.”

It seems doubtful at this indicate Webb even will be active unless tenure stairs in.

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“I would positively honour that obviously,” Spagnuolo pronounced of the probability that John Mara would ask to see Webb in a game. “Authority’s authority. But that hasn’t happened. But we would positively honour that. Our pursuit is we work for the organization.”

Asked because not just make Webb the backup in games (with apparent chances to play when the games get out of palm even if Spagnuolo is trying to win), Spagnuolo said: “I’m not certain what would be gained other than if something happened to the starting quarterback then he goes in. See in answer to your question, there is extensive credentials for this immature man to be a quarterback in the NFL. I’m not certain where, this is what I’ll speak to (offensive coordinator) Mike (Sullivan) and (QB coach) Frank (Cignetti) about, is it that much some-more of an advantage to have him station on the sideline as the second than there is with him station on the sideline as a deactivated player?”

It was suggested maybe the Giants should start by augmenting Webb’s use reps during the week.

“Yeah that’s a flattering good example,” Spagnuolo said. “So there you go, a defensive manager trying to figure out how to get the second quarterback ready. But I’ll speak to Mike and Frank.”

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Spagnuolo wasn’t high on the idea of sauce 3 QBs, for sure.

“It’s a thought. You’d have to consider about because you’d be doing that. Because demeanour it, it’s tough infrequently to find adequate guys in the 46 in the positions to have all the backups,” he said.

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