Yankees’ 1992 Jeter scouting report sells for $102K at auction

The Yankees’ trade for Giancarlo Stanton wasn’t the only thing restraining Marlins CEO Derek Jeter to his old bar over the weekend.

On Sunday night, Heritage Auctions sole the Yankees’ strange one-page scouting report on Jeter, along with two CO copies, for $102,000.

The report was created on Apr 8, 1992, by then-Yankees director Dick Groch, who evaluated a 17-year-old Jeter at Kalamazoo High School in Michigan.

Under the “Summation and Signability” section, Groch wrote: “A Yankee! A 5 apparatus player. Will be a ML Star! +5!!”

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Derek Jeter poses for a photo in the early 1990s in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


The Yankees determined Groch’s advice, drafting Jeter with the sixth altogether collect two months later.

Under “Weaknesses,” Groch described Jeter as an “anxious hitter” who “needs to learn to be some-more studious at the plate.”

But that wasn’t the scout’s final analysis.

“You walked divided from that day saying, ‘He’ll hit,’” Groch told the Daily News in 2009.

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Jeter reportedly began behest for tenure of the Miami Marlins in Jul of 2017. Jefferey Loria, the Marlins former owner, concluded to sell the Marlins authorization to businessman Bruce Sherman for $1.2 billion, according to the Miami Herald, and Jeter is presumably being eyed as for a position at the helm of the business side of the deal.

With the marketplace for scouting reports comparatively unknown, Heritage primarily estimated the request to sell for about $50,000. Instead, it’s now one of the highest-priced Jeter pieces to sell at auction.

The auction residence sole a Jeter-used bat from the 1996 World Series for $155,350 in 2014, and sole his No. 2 jersey from his second-to-last diversion for $60,000 progressing this year.

Derek Jeter’s 1992 Yankees scouting report took in a six-figure cost at auction.

Derek Jeter’s 1992 Yankees scouting report took in a six-figure cost at auction.

(Heritage Auctions)

Heritage is also auctioning off Jeter’s glove from his farewell 2014 season, which is approaching to take in at slightest $100,000.

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