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YouTube is murdering among a excellent elements of Google’s song streaming service

Sorry, Google Play Music subscribers — we are about to remove entrance to ad-free YouTube.

On Thursday morning, YouTube launched an expansion of a paid YouTube Pink service. The use is now generally famous as YouTube Premium, and it is only out there as a $2 appendage to a $10/month YouTube Music Premium service.

Confused? That is comprehensible!

Primarily, YouTube is remodeling a Hulu-style video use (YouTube Pink) right into a song streaming use with a Hulu-style video use improve. It is bizarre. And it has weird repercussions in opposite elements of a Google/YouTube universe.


For example: Beforehand, Google Play Music subscribers robotically had YouTube Pink entry.

YouTube Pink supposing ad-free YouTube and entrance to singular YouTube programming. By profitable $10/month for a Google Play Music subscription, we bought song streaming by approach of Google Play Music and ad-free YouTube by approach of YouTube Pink. Fairly candy!

Now, as a surrogate of entrance to YouTube Pink, Google Play Music subscribers will get YouTube Music Premium: A song use that is strikingly most like Google Play Music.

Here is what a code new song use seems to be like:


YouTube Music Premium gives entrance to tens of millions of songs over a web or downloadable for offline listening, playlists, and clinging apps to hoop your library. So does Google Play Music.

In box we in some approach forgot, any YouTube and Google are owned by a matching firm: Alphabet.

And that does not turn to a clear destiny for Google’s song streaming service. Why would Alphabet keep competing song companies in perpetuity?

For now, nonetheless, a modifications for Google Play Music subscribers are limited to an detrimental downgrade: no additional ad-free YouTube movies.

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